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After 20 years rapid development, Levao and its parent company Hong'an has grown into a leading manufacturer for PVC mat in China who can deliver a wide range of products including PVC customized logo mat, PVC door mat, PVC bathroom mat, PVC pet mat, PVC mat in roll, PVC car mat and so on. The products are widely used in public places, such as : swimming pool, hotel, kitchen, bathroom, elevator, supermarket, car and so on. Since its establishment, LEVAO has maintained the principle of "innovative development", Dedicated to research and new development of new technology. up to now, we have more than 30 product patents, At the same time, in order to be in line with international standards, all of our products comply with international quality standards with many certificates such as ISO, CE, BSCI, GS. Our products are exported to overseas countries and areas, including the United States, Great Britain, France, Singapore, Australia…. Our first production base Our second production base Our R&D Center
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Development Path

New Warehouse Settle Down
20,000 square meters of new factory buildings and 8 brand-new production lines. At present, the overall 16 production lines are concentrated in production, and new orders can also be delivered on time. On the premise of ensuring quality, we will provide you with more after-sales services.  Since 1996 The factory building was completed, LEVAO was established, and Flooring processing and manufacturing started. Many old customers over 20 years have witnessed our growth and maturity, and now we have become the backbone of Asian floor mats. The quality is always guaranteed, and We insist on developing new products every year, researching market demand, creating new market space for old customers, and win-win cooperation. Now customers are all over the world. We also hope that through cooperation with us, you can have a broader market and more prosperous business.
New Warehouse Settle Down
About The Classic Door Mat Product - Jacquard Door Mat
About The Classic Door Mat Product - Jacquard Door Mat
Jacquard floor mat is one of the more popular door mats. Because of its thickness and texture, it is deeply loved by customers and has a large market demand. It is generally used as outdoor door mats or hotel door mats, and some are used as office or airport mats for large areas. For paving, roll materials are required, and the main materials are divided into TPR/TPE/PVC bottoms. The thickness of the surface can be customized, as well as patterns and colors, so this is also the long-lasting yuany since it entered the market. The bottom material of TPE TPR PVC is common in the market, most of them are very non-slip and durable door mat design, and because of a certain thickness, the printing is clear, and the stepping feeling is very comfortable, and it is easy to take care of, because it can be machine washed , of course this is out of environmental consideration. so we provide you with customized size, thickness and printing services, and help you make the market bigger by provide good quality product.
1996 founded in
Establish Hong An Company,Started production of floor mats
founded in
First Patented Product
1997 First Patented Product
Developed Lawn mat series, And applied for a patented product in the same year
1998 The First Production area
The production area reaches 4000 square meters and has 3 production lines
The First Production area
S Mat Production
2000 S Mat Production
Started production of S mat series
2003 NEW FACTORY 12,000M2
Moved to Wuli Industrial Zone, and expanded the production area to 12,000 square meters.
Foam Backing Mat production
2005 Foam Backing Mat production
Started production of foam backing mat series
2008 Short Tooth Mat Production
Developed short tooth mat series, And applied for a patented product in the same year
Short Tooth Mat Production
Car mat production
2010 Car mat production
Started production of car mat series
2012 10th patented product (chain mat)
Developed chain mat series,  The chain mat has also become our 10th patented product.
10th patented product (chain mat)
18th patented product(fish mat)
2015 18th patented product(fish mat)
Started production of six corner and fish mat series,The fish mat has also become our 18th patented product
2016 Shandong branch factory
Established Shandong branch factory, totaling approximately 10,000 square meters
Shandong branch factory
levao company was established, focusing on oversea business
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